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Our business is understanding your business


Our business is understanding your business

Our Mission

To support our clients through relentless commitment to the success of their business. Our goal is to maximize client up-time, and ensure that our clients have effective strategies in place for managing and optimizing their systems, information and technologies. By committing considerable time and effort into our team and tools, we can ensure we are always looking forward to the future.

Our dedicated team works hard to deliver.  We won't be satisfied till you are, and then some..

Our Industries

Our services


With well over 100 years of combined experience, we have the technical capabilities to be effective, whatever the challenge.  While our background is in supporting legacy equipment, we work with our clients to develop upgrade strategies that make sense, and support them through the entire life-cycle.

New advances in thinking are creating exciting times within the automation industry. By blending robust age-defined standards with new technologies and equipment, our solutions are tailored to specific business needs. The introduction of Industrial IOT and Cybersecurity concepts can be confusing to implement. Reach out to us to find out more about how we are helping our clients improve their flow of information and succeed in their business. 

Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services team is an integral part of the workflow.  Whatever the project requires; Design, Drafting, Electrical Engineering & Stamping, our team of professionals are there to support our projects.  We have in-house professional project management, document control and quality control team.  


Never be without help.  Our goal is to support our clients whenever help is needed. We have a 24/7 support service that guarantees our experience will be available when you need it most. Our tiered support system gives the level of comfort clients want for an affordable price, and can be delivered via phone/text/email, remote dial-in, or a site callout. 

1 (844) 880-2864 toll free

Training Solutions

A gap in industry offering, led us to create a training solution we call Hands-On Automation.  This service complements our Automation and Controls Engineering services offering. For many clients we bridge the gap between manufacturer specific training and on-the-job training which ensures our clients receive the proper knowledge to  minimize call-outs.  

Give your employees the edge, and save your operating costs by equipping them with the knowledge they need.


Our unique office location, is equipped with a CSA Certified Panel Shop.  Ready to design and build control panels to suit your requirement. 


Can't find an out-of-the-box solution to meet your needs?  Chances are our software team can create exactly what you are looking for, and for more economically than you think.  Looking for implementation of SQL with your industrial process?  Look no further. 


A New Type of Integrator

A New Type of Integrator

Quality at a Higher Standard


Our team uses a unique growth plan that tests the competencies of our employees as they gain experience.  Through in-office learning opportunities and professional development, our team is ready.


As developmental licenses are vital to an automation company, we proudly maintain retain the operating cost of our everyday software licensing.  This is a cost our clients should not bear when hiring a quality automation integrator. 


Everyone knows that quality tools produce quality work.   Our in-house automation lab and testing facility is second to none.  Advanced QA techniques such as Simulation Testing ensures quality products every time.


Partnerships that mean something


committed to safety and compliance

Comply Works
Chillin on the pippin - TD.jpg

our projects

our projects

We can do that!

Did you know we offer a variety of other services that can support your project needs, and running facilities?  We are able to:

  • Store and/or stage your control system panels at our warehouse location.

  • Train your employees in a simulated process, with the exact programs they use onsite. 

  • Replicate your system in our automation lab, and work out the bugs in a controlled environment. 

  • Write site test procedures, develop standards or as-build a complete set of site documentation. 

  • Provide 24 Hour, 7 day a week, 365 Days a year control system support. Phone, remote and site support.

  • Troubleshoot faulty instruments, pumps, valves and electrical components.